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Immerse Yourself in Mystery and Magic with Turquoise Jewelry!

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For thousands of years, in many cultures, turquoise has been considered a sacred stone. Ancient Egyptians used it to decorate the tombs of the dead. Native Americans and many indigenous tribes around the world have used it during rituals. This marvelous gem has a soft and porous nature --- this allows for easy drilling and carving into many objects of nature.

How is Turquoise used in today’s jewelry and why can it benefit us?

  • Besides its undeniable beauty, this stone is known for having tremendous healing powers. It is said to reduce stress, enhance creative thinking, improve communication skills, strengthen relationships and dissipate sadness or grief.
  • Turquoise is said to favor mental healing by radiating wisdom, serenity, empathy, positive thinking and sensitivity.

  • Turquoise is one the most used stones in jewelry and I Love Bracelets incorporates it in all types of wholesale accessories ---- from earrings to necklaces and rings.

Did you know that Turquoise is known as a “Master Healer”?

Aside from its mental healing powers, this gem is also famous and wanted for its physical properties.

  • Due to its copper content, turquoise is said to have healing powers for arthritis and muscle pain. It increases circulation when toxins, caused by stress, build up in the body.
  • This stone is made out of phosphorus, which is used in homeopathy for lung problems, breathing difficulties, and to fight rheumatism.

Where can you find Turquoise?

Luckily, it can be found in many parts of the world from Egypt and China to the United States. Nowadays, it is mainly used in everyday jewelry to benefit from its beauty and healing contents

If you are a store or shop owner, do not hesitate to contact our wholesale jewelry distributors to add this blessing stone to your business. HOW? It's Easy! Just call one of our jewelry sales representatives at 310-399-3445 or email brittany@ilovebracelets.com

You can also easily login to our website to view prices and details about all our wholesale jewelry and fashion accessories!

View our amazing wholesale Turquoise Gallery of:

For all of those who do not yet have a turquoise accessory in your jewelry box, go now to your nearest jewelry store representative and get one! It will be your own master healer while inspiring your own natural look.

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