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I Love Bracelets offers beautiful, upscale, and unique jewelry, at amazingly low prices. We service gift stores and fashion boutiques internationally!

With over 7,000 retail stores currently carrying our collections, I Love Bracelets is the fastest growing jewelry line in the gift industry. Our exclusive line of merchandise has instantly reached a vast market of women, as our retailers understand the need to offer affordable yet upscale items to customers. I Love Bracelets accessories have been showcased in a number of national publications, including Teen Magazine’s prestigious Teen Prom issues for three years running!

Born entrepreneur Marcia Miller launched and built her first successful company — Super-calli-grahics, Inc.— out of an apartment while pregnant with her first child. 

The national personalized stationery, catalog and invitation business, which she began as a wholesaler to mom-and-pop stationery stores,  evolved into an international gift distribution company that designed more than 25 new products a year and sold trend merchandise to gift and party goods stores across the U.S.A. , Canada and Europe.

A University of California Berkeley graduate with a degree in Art, Miller quickly displayed a uniquely creative, trendy, quirky style that brought her respect and recognition within the tough, take-no-prisoners atmosphere of  the gift industry. 

Known for an intuitive ——— and strong ——— business sense for what makes fun, playful design, she won professional and popular acclaim for bringing her color consciousness into every product she created for the marketplace. 

As a matter of fact, Miller became an internationally known product color expert and originator of a color palate known in showrooms around the world as “Marcia’s Colors.”

From Super-calli-graphics, Miller moved on to a totally new life experience: owning and operating a 250-square foot retail candy store called I Love Candy in one of Los Angeles’s trendiest Westside neighborhoods, hobnobbing with some of Hollywood’s finest candy connoisseurs, including Meg Ryan, Steven Spielberg, Sally Field, Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. 

After 25 years of product design, manufacturing, distribution and sales experience, Miller was finally learning hard-core retail from the ground up – on-the-job, so to speak.  With thousands of different kinds of candy from all over the world, ranging from 1-cent treats  to the finest gourmet chocolate, Miller, in her words, “learned what people buy, how they buy it, and what keeps them coming back for more.”  She promptly built the enterprise into what many Los Angelenos called “the first destination kids' candy store in Southern California.”  Indeed, LA Magazine dubbed I Love Candy the “#1 Kids Candy Store in LA.”

Miller noticed that the store catered to a captured audience of primarily female shoppers.  In her quest to sell anything she could to maximize shelf space and revenue potential, she started placing colorful, well-priced jewelry displays by the cash register.   Customers who originally came in for candy walked out with jewelry—soon her customers were purchasing more bracelets than candy and kept coming back for more.

Twenty-thousand dollars and a credit card later, the mother of two started I Love Bracelets (ILB) -- and was back to doing what she loved most in the world – having fun designing and manufacturing her own affordable, fashion-forward, top-of-the-trend, branded products. 

And, naturally, Miller has brought her most intangible asset to the new enterprise: the gift and talent for understanding the metaphysics of color.  Since its 2002 inception, ILB has sold more than 2 million bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, exclusively to more than 7,000 retailers, gift stores and fashion boutiques.

Marcia’s instinct for what is fresh and fun and her gift and talent for utilizing color became a metaphor for what she believed was lacking in women’s lives today. She understands the need to express and enjoy oneself in an era of multi-faceted lives and continues to design collections of jewelry that are worn by women of all ages.

Marcia Miller - Founder -

Our customers are our number one priority!!  We offer great service and amazing products at affordable prices. When their customers are happy, our retailers are happy. This is why our customers keep coming back for more.

We design our line the way women accessorize their wardrobes - by color. All of our collections are sold in color groupings, thereby creating multiple sales at the cash register. When retailers help dress their customers in our jewelry, they sell 4-5 times more product. We provide the color palette; they provide the “canvas”!

I Love Bracelets caters to women of all ages and tastes. Women love our line because it keeps them in touch with all the latest fashion trends without exhausting their budget. They love the sparkle and whimsical touches our accessories give to their day-to-day wardrobe. From fashion forward and funky, to classic and sophisticated, our vast array of styles allow women to create a look to suit any given mood or occasion. Our I Love Bracelets line gives women the opportunity to express themselves with our innovative color collections and styles.

There are a few essential reasons why customers shop at I Love Bracelets:

  1. Customers come first! We work to provide the most efficient service to keep our customers satisfied. Our team is always looking for new and innovative ways to help stores make the most money while utilizing the least amount of space. I Love Bracelets founder and owner, Marcia Miller, has 25 years of experience developing products for the gift industry. She also had a retail store for 7 years which has given her a keen understanding of what works at the retail level. It is our mission at I Love Bracelets to create high quality products at affordable prices that are easy to display in the least amount of space.

  2. Service. When orders are placed, we pride ourselves on our fast and effective turn-around time. Orders usually ship within 2 to 5 business days. Stores have come to rely on our service to help them meet the demands of the quick sales of our products.

  3. Selection. We offer hundreds of styles of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more! By having access to such an extensive selection of styles, we enable our customers to constantly create fresh merchandising statements that appeal to their customers.

  4. Style. We work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world of fashion. Our customers rely on us to keep them stocked with the latest looks that their customers see in all the magazines at a fraction of their typical cost.

  5. Feedback. Customers nationwide rave about the great customer service, affordable prices, and the expedient order processing and shipping we offer. To take a look at the customer feedback we receive nationwide, please visit Testimonials and read what customers are saying about our service.

Retailers can find a sales representative in their area. They can also purchase from us directly via our website or calling one of our customer service representatives directly at 310.839.LOVE.

I Love Bracelets is the leader in affordable fashion jewelry. Our exclusive designs are updated every 6 months to keep up with the changing trends. We are constantly developing new product and display concepts for our collections. We are visionaries – being the first to bring fashion accessories to the gift industry. Our innovative color groupings have set the standard where others have tried to imitate, yet never duplicate. Competitors may offer similar looks at lower prices but don’t be fooled- many of their inexpensive items contain plastic stones. We create our styles using the finest crystals & semi-precious stones imported from all over the globe. Your customers will not be fooled by imitators once they see and appreciate the difference in the quality of our designs. I Love Bracelets……we are the color of fashion!

  I Love Bracelets, leading distributor of wholesale fashion accessories in the USA.
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